Back of Beyond – Gurugoda

Back of Beyond Gurugoda, Yala, is created as a typical park with a large open veranda, for dining, lounging and sleeping, with a small enclosed ‘safe area’ for sleeping and keeping your gear.

However, unlike the green painted, brick, cement and asbestos park bungalows we have been inspired by the traditional clay wall and thatch roofed homes of the dry zone to give character to our bungalows.

The traditional clay-wall and thatch roof homes of the dry zone have a character all their own; the open ‘pila’ for socializing and sleeping, the semi-cleared home garden which merges with the scrub land and the jungle beyond. This inspired us to create our little cottage at Back of Beyond Gurugoda, Yala, adding of course, the little luxuries of crisp linen and modern toilets.


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