98 Acres resort Ella

98 Acres Resort and Spa is a tranquil hideout ideally located on a scenic ninety-eight acre tea garden. A range of facilities are on offer at 98 Acres Resort and Spa to make your stay truly comfortable and memorable.

Each of the spacious deluxe rooms has its own private living area and offer breathtaking views of the Ella Gap and the Small Adam’s Peak mountain. The balcony is ideal for lingering over breakfast, to watch a sunrise or to simply gaze at the magnificent Ella mountain range surrounded by well-maintained tea plantations. The rooms have beautiful polished timber floors and elegant furniture made with discarded railway sleepers. Walk barefoot and feel the soothing comfort of the floors.

The standard rooms at 98 Acres Resort and Spa are bright and cheery, offering excellent views of the Ella Gap and Small Adam’s Peak mountain. Spend more time over breakfast in the spacious balcony and enjoy the views of the Ella mountain range.


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